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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prince Lee 1994-2012 RIP

I never knew how to deal with loss. And I never really experienced loss so close to me.

This afternoon I received news from my ex in New York that my son Prince Lee had a seizure and he had decided to put him to sleep. As a gay man, I probably never would have any children, and Prince is the closest thing to a son to me – which is why he inherited my last name.

Prince has been there for me through my highs and my lows. He was an excellent cuddle buddy. And in my darkest hour when I had alienated the world, he was there to keep me company. In 2007, he was attacked by unleashed dogs and had to be in the emergency room for four days. He did not fully heal til three months later. Despite all the challenges in life, his will to live had been an inspiration for me, and I would like to dedicate this post through photography on our lives spent together.

2005. At SML Universe NYC Backyard


2005. Playing with toys


2006. Chewing with all the attitude


2006. Chilling out in hand-knitted sweater


2006. Scared by the Macro twin lite

I know it's crazy but I bought all my macro gear just to photograph Prince!


2006. Snout :)


2006. Menace


2006. The Last Laugh

the last laugh

2006. ”Coffee”


2006. I'm a lion


2006. Untitled


2006. Beauty Queen


2006. Licking Action

His tongue is quite amazing. :)

Prince Lee / 20060802.40576.BW / SML

2006. Charmed

Charmed / L*a*b / 20070212.10D.41207 / SML

2006. Stop bothering me when I'm sleeping


2007. Prince Scarlet

Prince Scarlet / 2007 / SML

2007. Recovering at the backyard

Pain in his eyes, but still a will to live – my inspiration, my hero.


2008. Somewhat recovered, walking on a rainy day

20071223.SD850IS.1564 / SML

2009. Treasure hunting


2009. Fresh after haircut

Prince / 20090815.10D.51544 / SML

2009. Bored

Prince / 20090815.10D.51548 / SML

2009. Prince

This is the last photograph I took of Prince. I had broken up with my ex by then. It was his dog. But he remains my son. I did say goodbye before I leave New York for Hong Kong. At 18 years old, he was very old and can barely recognize me.

Prince / 20090815.10D.51552 / SML

If seeing my dog die will bring so much emotion, I learned that it must be hard for my parents when I contemplated death a while back. Even through death, Prince was an inspiration for me to live, and for that I am forever grateful and thankful.

The full set of Prince is also available on SML Flickr.



Unknown said...

While there is a clear demarcation line between human beings and other creatures, if we pick one other creature that can be very close to being human, many will choose dogs. Prince is surely outstanding on being human. It reminds me films like 義犬報恩.

MSL said...

Prince, you're part of the family and you're very much missed. Your bravery and kindness have left a mark in the hearts of everyone in the family.

Lin Li said...

Seeming, I can appreciate how you feel, particularly because I have lost a good friend recently. My friend did not even live with me like Prince did with you. However, she was equally inspiring in dealing with the numerous challenges in life that she had faced. When I read your post, I also feel you have so much love and kindness in you (and around you too) that could be a strong impetus to live because you have a lot that you can give - it's just a matter of finding a way to express it.

See-ming Lee 李思明 SML said...

Thanks for your kind regards – sorry I didn't see this til now – I think that I have accidentally removed my comment module! :)

See-ming Lee 李思明 SML said...

You are so philosophical all the time haha :)

See-ming Lee 李思明 SML said...

Totally – thanks for the kind thoughts.

SpikeHK said...

I think only people who have pets understand how deep the connection can be and the enormity of the loss when it inevitably happens. One of my dogs passed away almost two years ago and I still think about him more than I ever would have imagined.