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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Multi Strobes

I've done multi-strobes before. But only in the studio, and always with a tripod.

Tonight I went to see Arthur's Landing and I took some photographs. The place is completely dark and I'm using my flash. The dynamic energy and motion of the musicians were lost, so I thought to myself, why not try it out with multi-strobes - it's silly to get the 580EX and just stick it on with TTL all the time.

So here it is. Hand-held at a live event, with no tripod, trying to hold the camera still while setting the flash to multi at 10Hz. It's pretty clear that I couldn't really hold still, as there are double-image of the drums, but the musician's motion were captured. I will definitely shoot more in multi-strobes in the future.

Arthur's Landing @ Zebulon / 20090823.10D.51790.SQ.BW / SML (by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

The event
Arthur's Landing
Genre: Pop / Experimental / House
A celebration of musical genius Arthur Russell

About Arthur Russell
Wikipedia: Arthur Russel (musician)

Charles Arthur Russell, Jr. (May 21, 1951 – April 4, 1992) was an American cellist, composer, singer, and disco artist. While he found the most success in dance music, Russell's career bridged New York's downtown, rock, and dance music scenes; his collaborators ranged from Philip Glass to David Byrne to Nicky Siano. Relatively unknown during his lifetime, a series of reissues and compilations have raised his profile in the 2000s.

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