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Sunday, November 11, 2007

See-ming Lee + Gregory Kirschenbaum / 20071103.SD850IS.1013 / SML

SML Flickr: See-ming Lee + Gregory Kirschenbaum / 20071103.SD850IS.1013 / SML

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nanospores said...

Gregory Kirshenbaum is a fraud. his work is a poor facsimile for the work of Tracy Silva Barbosa, who has been selling her paintings in Soho for five years. Greg only started his painting career after witnessing her succeed over the years. I remember explaining to him how to use patina less than two years ago. If I'd known he was the bloodsucking type, I would have kept it to myself. Then he hooked up with Andrew Cotton, who has admitted directly to Tracy and myself to "lifting" elements of her work. So now they've teamed up and rented a gallery to hawk their bootlegs, these quick little one screen pulls on a schlocky rusted back round for half the price of one of Tracy's paintings. Good Luck Schmucks! : ) check out Tracy Barbosa's site at She's worked hard and deserves the recognition. At the very least a nod from greg and andrew as a primary influence.